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we all have a vested interest in a future with safe reliable water

Mark gibboney for water board

Mark Gibboney made his home in Rancho Cucamonga in 1979. He and his wife, Agnes, have been married 36 years, raised their children here and are now helping raise their grandson.  Mark is a retired Deputy Chief of Police, Attorney, and Adjunct Professor. He has an A.A. Degree in Administration of Justice (Dean’s List for Academic Achievement), Bachelor of Science in Laws and Juris Doctor Degree (American Jurisprudence Award for Excellent Achievement in Law School), Master’s degree in Management, with extensive graduate studies in leadership skills and strategic planning. 

Mark wants to return integrity and trust to the CVWD Board of Directors and protect the natural and financial resources of the District. Transparency and accountability cannot just be buzzwords. Mark will work to increase public participation in the District governance, not only at election time, but with citizen involvement and oversight to promote efficiency. It has been said that increased voter participation is indicative of “good government”. Government agencies without citizen involvement are prone to inefficiencies and public resources are vulnerable to abuse. 

Mark will work to return CVWD Board of Directors elections to even years, consolidated with state-wide general elections. That will immediately increase voter participation in the Water Board elections, save money in election costs, and bring CVWD into compliance with state law.

Delivering clean, safe, reliable drinking water, as well as providing an efficient system for your outgoing sewage lines are the essential functions of CVWD. Mark’s experience with strategic planning will contribute to future successes with these services. Doing so at the lowest possible rates is always promised, but unnecessary and excessive spending approved by the Board of Directors is part of your water bill.  State-wide regulations of all water districts, regardless of regional variances in conditions, is another deterrent to providing the lowest rates possible. Mark will advocate for increased lobbying in Sacramento for local control and management and with other water districts to do the same.

Mark believes local government should be open and responsive to the public. As a candidate and as an elected Director, Mark will make himself available to residents’ concerns and questions. If you agree that principles matter in government, vote for Mark Gibboney November 5, 2019 for Cucamonga Valley Water District Board of Directors, Division 2. 


Meet the Candidate

 Knowing why I'm running is as important as knowing my qualifications.  There are problems with the Cucamonga Valley Water District  Board of  Directors. 




A state oversight agency once noted that independent special districts “often lack the kind of oversight and citizen involvement necessary to promote their efficient operation … inefficiency can become routine and the occasional scandal inevitable”. This is where the CVWD Board of Directors finds itself and it is time for change.

The Board of Directors’ history of changing their election schedule from odd years to even and back again, each time extending their terms in office by a year, has been shrouded in mystery and completed with dishonesty.  The staff report making the recommendation to change back to elections in odd years said it came at the direction of the Board. That wasn’t true. The CVWD web site posted a notice that the change back to odd years was supported by the Local Agency Formation Commission for San Bernardino County. That wasn’t true. The CVWD responses to the public’s inquiries about their reasons for the change were contradictory and at times preposterous. CVWD consulted an outside public relations firm about how to respond to some of the comments on their web site about the issue. Mark Gibboney believes a better policy would be to tell the truth, demonstrate the agency’s transparency, build credibility, and save the money the public relations agency charges.

The Board’s supposed goals of increasing voter participation and saving money with their change to odd year elections in 2017 achieved just the opposite. After having 74% voter turnout in 2012 with election costs of $81,942 and 35% voter turnout in 2014 with costs of $45,234, voter participation plummeted to 8% and election costs soared to $281,149 in the 2017 election. But all the Directors got another year added to their terms.

In March 2018 the CVWD Board of Directors attempted a third change with another extension in their terms by another year. In a single term, Directors Kathy Tiegs and Oscar Gonzalez would have granted themselves 6 year terms. Fortunately, the County Board of Supervisors did not approve that proposal. It prompted Supervisor Janice Rutherford to say, ““This is not how Democracy is supposed to work", and Supervisor Curt Hagman brought up the topic of recalling the Board of Directors. In discussing the need to comply with State law and return to elections in even years, a CVWD spokesperson indicated they were eager to submit another proposal to make the change quickly. They still haven’t, and the coming election Nov. 5th will squander more District money on an election in an odd year with nothing else on the ballot.

You deserve a water board that is honest, transparent, and puts public service ahead of self-serving interests. Mark Gibboney believes principles matter in government and he is running for the Cucamonga Valley Water District Board of Directors, Division 2, on Election Day, November 5, 2019.

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Can you trust the current CVWD Board of Directors? Be sure to read the history of their changes in elections dates on the page "Really?" and then ask yourself that question.

Cucamonga Valley Water District - Map of Divisions

This is the first time CVWD Board of Directors have been elected by Divisions. There are 5 Divisions. Divisions 1 and 2 have an election November 5, 2019. Mark will work to serve the best interests on all District residents and needs your support, but to see if you can vote for him in Division 2, click on the link to the MAP . You can even enter your address to pinpoint your location.


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Vote Mark Gibboney For Water Board - Nov. 5, 2019